D.A. Chadwick

D.A. Chadwick

I am the author of several  books and a professional translator of French, German and Dutch to English.  My latest thriller is about the French villages of Rennes le Chateau and Perillos, a region in the South of France that has long fascinated me. In Rennes le Chateau: The Point of Origin, I combine my interests in history, genetics and bioengineering.

My last novel, The Good Nazi, examines the friendship between two best friends during the Third Reich, one Jewish and the other Protestant. Anna and Ingrid end up on opposite ends of the fence when Ingrid becomes a camp guard and Anna joins the resistance. They meet up again in 2006 when Ingrid, who has been a rabbi’s wife for fifty years faces a deportation hearing and reaches out to Dr. Anna Mendel for help.

I live in the Midwest and I am also a high school Special Education substitute teacher.  I have an adopted daughter with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and autism. I would like to find a copy of the book written by Annie Pecher who started a school for autistic children in Belgium. It was very well regarded and used by professionals in the field.

My current project involves translating 300 letters from German soldiers on the Eastern Front during WWII that I bought from a collector in Croatia.  I plan a nonfiction book about their experiences.

  1. Alan Evensen says:

    You mention that you would like to find a copy of the book written by Annie Pecher. Have you found one yet? Alan

    • dachadwick says:

      Hi Alan,
      Yes, I found one at a used book store in Paris. I was hoping to find a publisher interested in doing a translation, but have not as yet.

      • Alsn Evensen says:

        Thanks for your e-mail, D.A. I read your blog on wordpress.com and appreciated your sympathies toward Jeannine Deckers, so I wanted to locate a copy of the Annie Pecher book for you. I was busy searching since I wrote you yesterday and finally located a copy on Amazon.fr and persuaded the French dealer to ship to the U.S. This all took place before I received your response. That said, would a second copy of the book be useful for you, for whatever reason? No charge to you, of course. I just need a mailing address. I grew up listening to Soeur Sourire’s music and it was beautiful. She deserved much better than life gave her. Alan

  2. Albert A. L. says:

    Hello! I enjoyed very much reading your website and learning about your book. You mentioned that Jeanine Deckers and Annie Pécher both made vows of celibacy. How is this? Was Ms. Pécher a former nun? Or did she freely chose to be celibate? Have you had any luck getting the Belgian government to aquire Ms. Deckers documents in Maddelein’s possesion?

    • dachadwick says:

      Jeannine and Annie added celibacy to their lay vows all on their own. It was not part of the usual vows taken by laity. Annie was never a nun, but wished to participate in Jeannine’s desire to more fully serve the world. As far as I know Maddelein still has all of Jeannine’s collection. The Belgian government does not seem interested in her career as part of their culture.

  3. I am curious which blogging platform you might be using?

    I’m new to running a blog and have been thinking about using the Ning platform. Do you consider this is a good platform to start with? I would be really grateful if I could ask you some questions through email so I can learn a bit more before getting started. When you have some free time, please contact me at: olga_cunningham@bigstring.com. Thank you

    • dachadwick says:

      I have only used the WordPress software/site and do not know much about Ning. So far blogging has not helped book sales much, but when you do a search for my name or topic nothing coming up on WordPress so this might not be the best place to spread the word.

  4. Jeffrey Jones says:

    Hi Ms. Chadwick,
    I came upon your blog while searching for Amelia Earhart info. I really enjoyed reading all of your work. It shows thorough research and well reasoned conclusions. I too am an attorney and historian who seeks to unravel the truth. On the side, I’ve been working on a project which I hope to put together in my life time: deceiving the American public – which is why I looked at Amelia Earhart. My work is so voluminous involving JFK, CIA, Bush, the Federal Reserve, Mena Airport/Drugs, war, illuminati, Hollywood, the music industry, Mossad, the media and the recent string of sensationalized gun violence, NASA, UFOs, missing kids, satanic cults, and the mysterious deaths of those in public and private sectors who were involved in these areas, etc, etc. I’m sure you see where I’m heading. Anyway, I loved reading your material and look forward to more -especially if they touch upon any of the above topics.
    Best wishes,

    • dachadwick says:

      Hi Jeff,
      It sounds like we have many of the same ideas and I am glad to see that people are beginning to get a clue how Americans have been deceived. Thanks for your nice comments and I hope to read your material some day.

  5. I always spent my half an hour to read this weblog’s content all the time along with a mug of coffee.

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