Navy Pilots Crash in 1987-In the Shadow of China Lake

Posted: April 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

I have been researching the U.S. Navy secret space program and UFO cover ups recently and was reminded of a strange incident that happened to me in California in 1987. It was an odd day at the Ventura County Medical Center where I worked security, spending most of the time in the ER or watching autopsies with the medical examiner. The beginning of the shift was stranger than usual with a guy needing to be held down while the ER doctor removed a hamster from his rectum and a young woman with smoky gray eyes tried to commit suicide by swallowing a razor blade. Things turned really weird then the Navy showed up in droves.

The Ventura County Medical Center was designed with a heliport strong enough to handle President Reagan’s Chinook and, like all hospital landing pads, the elevator went right down to the emergency room cutting off precious time needed to treat trauma patients. Having said this, a Navy chopper arrived and landed out in a field near the parking lot some several hundred yards away from the hospital. An ambulance drove out to the edge of the field and took two gurneys to the Navy bird perched in the grassy field. The paramedics brought two severely injured pilots across that bumpy, dirty ground and loaded them onto the ambulance for the short trip to the ER.

By this time the media was storming the doors and I stopped a reporter and her camera man before they could enter the sliding doors of the ambulance bay. Before the pilots were brought in I was given a brief history of my father’s time at the Pentagon and his security clearance by a naval officer who instructed me to wait in a closed room with one of the dying pilots. Not sure why I got the lecture on my childhood as an army brat unless it was another way of saying, “We know who you are and where you live”. Another security officer was given the same lecture and was assigned to the other pilot.

I was to keep the press from finding the man and write down anything he might have said. He was about thirty-five years old, short buzz cut blonde hair and light blue eyes that stared at the wall while blood dripped from his open mouth. He was nonresponsive and his arms and legs broken and twisted in every direction. It took thirty minutes for him to die, but finally his chest stopped moving. No one tried to treat him or provide comfort. I was told to write down the time of death and eventually the naval officer came into the room to ask me if the pilot had said anything. He had not. I was told not to talk about anything that had happened. Medical staff came to retrieve his body while the officer removed his wallet and ID before the being taken down to the morgue.

It was clear that the Navy did not want the two pilots surviving and did everything possible to make sure they did not. With the injuries they both suffered, it was unlikely the men would have lived, but you would think that some effort would have been made for last visits from family or pain control. All I learned about the incident was that the two had crashed in the desert somewhere outside of the Ventura area. What made the plane crash and what did the two Navy pilots see? It cannot be a coincidence that the Navy weapons and research base at China Lake is just north of Ventura. The China Lake facility has long been associated with UFO sightings and the reverse engineering of captured UFO craft. Some even believe the U.S. Navy has a secret space program with bases on the moon and Mars. The pilots that were killed were from Point Mugu and probably did not have top secret clearances, unfortunately for them.

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