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    The Conspiracy Theorists May Be Right. The Chimera Project Background

When I was a kid in the 1960s and 70s my father worked in US Army intelligence at the Pentagon. He used to tell us the scariest stories you could imagine about underground alien bases and warned us about playing in the woods near an old Air Force installation. If we heard something like air brakes while in the woods we were to run like hell for home as the government had an arrangement with the aliens that involved allowing them to have humans for experimentation. This was long before the Commander X books were published and the hundreds of web sites and television shows on aliens inundated the public.

I didn’t think much about these stories except that Dad was a good storyteller. It was not until I read the “Commander X” books  that a chill ran down my spine.  I had heard all of this information two decades earlier when my father also told us about a “shadow government” that President George Bush admitted to not long ago. Many of the things he told us have turned out to be true or have come true recently, so now that he has passed away there is no  reason to not share the hair-raising tales about Hangar 18, our sudden technological advances and the truth behind AIDS and resistant cancers.

My novel “The Chimera Project” is inspired by what I now know to be factual information relayed to us in the form of bedtime tales of horror. The Chimera Project contains more fact than fiction and should scare the hell out of anybody.

D.A. Chadwick

D.A. Chadwick

I am the author of several  books and a professional translator of French, German and Dutch to English.  My latest thriller is about the French villages of Rennes le Chateau and Perillos, a region in the South of France that has long fascinated me. In Rennes le Chateau: The Point of Origin, I combine my interests in history, genetics and bioengineering.

My last novel, The Good Nazi, examines the friendship between two best friends during the Third Reich, one Jewish and the other Protestant. Anna and Ingrid end up on opposite ends of the fence when Ingrid becomes a camp guard and Anna joins the resistance. They meet up again in 2006 when Ingrid, who has been a rabbi’s wife for fifty years faces a deportation hearing and reaches out to Dr. Anna Mendel for help.

I live in the Midwest and I am also a high school Special Education substitute teacher.  I have an adopted daughter with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and autism. I would like to find a copy of the book written by Annie Pecher who started a school for autistic children in Belgium. It was very well regarded and used by professionals in the field.

My current project involves translating 300 letters from German soldiers on the Eastern Front during WWII that I bought from a collector in Croatia.  I plan a nonfiction book about their experiences.